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Lets face it … kids are hard on their teeth. That’s why EZ-Pedo crowns are loaded with innovative technology that helps them perform at a level that matches how well they look. With the industry’s only patented breakthrough in retention, every EZ-Pedo crown has deep internal retention grooves that not only locks bacteria out but guarantees EZ-Pedo crowns will never come off.

Created by mother nature and perfected by EZ-Pedo, Zirconia is the high-tech ceramic of the future! With its fine-grain translucent crystal structure, Zirconia produces esthetics that rival nature. Virtually indestr
uctible, Zirconia can take a beating like no other dental material. Completely bio-inert and resistant to decay and plaque accumulation, Zirconia is the material of choice for optimal health.

EZ Pedo crowns are a healthy esthetic alternative to silver (stainless steel) crowns for the back teeth, and a stronger alternative to plastic (composite resin) crowns for the front teeth.

Being a premier provider means Dr. Corns has been certified by EZ Pedo and approved to place the zirconia crowns herself. Dr. Corns attended a special hands-on class and during this course EZ Pedo checked and approved Dr.Corns’ work. Learn More